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"Rosanna is a perfectionist'. That means working with her is guaranteed to bring a better result than a client would expect. She spent quality time in getting to know our needs, and who we are before designing the artwork. The result has been that our living with this piece brings us daily pleasure, and a constant reminder of the intimate connection between function, meaning and purpose." - Private Client 

"Rosanna has been a dream to work with, open and transparent and organised, from day one to completion and delivery of our intricate and logistically complex commission. Our initial consultations led to a deeply resonant commission outcome, drawing on a process of research involving personal histories, places and experiences. Rosanna was able to communicate what she shared, so that our quotidian refrigerator was transformed into a whimsical and beautiful living object that we consider to be one of the most prized artworks in our collection." - Private Client 


"Our request was unusual but Rosanna came back undaunted, having consulted experts and equipped with her skills and fine grasp of material. I was impressed by Rosanna’s openness, flexibility and courage to take on such a project pushing her familiar limits.


In the preliminary research and concept development stages, my husband and I were involved in conversations with Rosanna that served as material for her weaving in personalised content including symbols from tarot readings and scenes of the places where we grew up. To bolster our discussions Rosanna also consulted the V&A National Art Library, managing to pull all of the threads into a cohesive composition.


Rosanna is well-known for her exquisite treatment of detail, and I witnessed this at close range; she undertook a rigorous method of colour matching as only an artist completely devoted to the intricacies of her craft would. She is meticulously organised and disciplined. From the outset my husband and I have been privy to her transparent process. Rosanna shared timelines as well as a thoughtfully considered rationale for budget" - Private Client 

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