Founded in 2020 by artist Rosanna Dean, Mena Woolfe is a London based creative studio that

creates bespoke, hand crafted works of art that reflect her client's stories and bring a

sense of magic and the extraordinary to their homes. 

Our worlds are created by what we surround ourselves with and the stories we tell.


My aim is to make artwork that that imbues the everyday with beauty and reminds us that every moment has the potential to be extraordinary. 

My passion for creating bespoke pieces comes from the experience of getting to know my clients, bringing their visions to life, and the way I learn and my practice expands through each project. By really getting to know the individual, listening to their stories, understanding what makes them unique and what inspires them, I create pieces that surprise, elevate and even surpass expectations. 


Who we are is an impression of cross generational experiences, histories, places, ambitions, loves and dreams, all that form a kaleidoscopic, multi layered, intricate and beautiful individual and my desire is to create bespoke artworks to reflect this.

The studio is founded in the experiential and on trust; embarking together on a journey that brings the imagined, the dream and the invisible to life. It interacts in the space of the fairytale, wonder in the unknown, infinite possibilities, and learning to follow our intuition. It encompasses a love of storytelling, ritual and traditional craft and art practices, and utilises sensitive approaches to colour, draftsmanship, and unusual and intricate painting techniques acquired in years of study and working in some of the best studios in Paris, Florence and London.... 

I believe extraordinary outcomes are created by paying holistic attention to every element of making process. The studio practice incorporates rituals to acknowledge the time, attention and care that goes into the creation of each unique work of art and has an embedded respect for the practices it encompasses. The approach is influenced by a lifelong intuitive interest in the mystical and its abiding relationship to visual art; a dedication of time, attention and techniques that extend beyond the maker.

My influences range from Sacred Geometry, Miniature Painting, Golden Age Illustration, Tibetan Mandalas, Islamic patterning, Northern Renaissance painting, and I've spent years studying and living their traditions. My particular interest lies in fusing elements from diverse geographical, temporal and religious origins which create my unique style and approach.

Now, making a more permanent home in London, the studio encompasses colourful beginnings playing in bands, art directing for a record label in Paris, as well as studies in medieval art, old master painting in Florence, Eastern philosophy in Thailand, Theyam rituals in India, & an ongoing exploration of the tarot and diverse spiritual practice. 


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